Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Reflex Action:

Reflex actions:
It is defined as an involuntary action performed by muscles under the direction of spinal cord in response to the stimulus. The best example of reflex action is pulling of hand when we touch hot or very cold objects and contraction of pupil when light is shown in the eye.

Reflex arc:

The path which is followed by impulses during reflex action is called reflex arc. It consists of an afferent (or sensory) nerve, usually one or more interneurons within the central nervous system, and an efferent (motor, secretory, or secreto-motor) nerve

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Two situations are invoved in reflex action.
Voluntory coordination
Involuntry coordination

Voluntry Coordination:

This process occur with the thinking process involved e.g making a choice of questions in the examination paper.Walking,talking,eating and speaking are some other examples.

Involuntry co-ordination:

these processes occur without thining process being involved.Some involuntry coordinations continue to occur without our being aware of them e.g working of heart, lungs and others.This part of nervous system is called autonomous nervous system.i.e it works all by itself.Many other responses are instantaneous in nature.They occur within fractions of seconds. They are called reflex Actions.

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